Dog Training

Dog Training

skulos me perdika sto stoma
Prior to the hunting season, the hunters can bring their dogs to the farm for some professional training. Our facilities can accommodate at least 15 dogs

Of course we never keep more than 10 to maintain high quality standards in our training

Dogs go out every day in the morning and in the evening in the spacy area of the farm in which they find birds that have been set free and are already in a semi-wild state. The training is specialized for hunting dogs and its been worked out according to the dog’s type and character.

Our trainer from Bulgaria has been working in our facilities for 11 years and every member has been impressed by his knoweledge and love for dogs.

The experience and training that your dog is about to gain is very unique and hard to find elsewhere, because your dog will find more than 130 birds each month
Game bird production gives us a considerable advantage in hunting-dog training

We also provide a special area for those that want to train their dog themselves. We provide, (including non members) the service of keeping and taking care of their dog (For Hunt-dogs only)
We offer cleaningness, proper food and lots of love to those lovely creatures