General Information About The Farm and the Area

The farm was established in 1985 due to Nick Sclanounos’ excessive love for hunting, in an area of 100 hectars at the Village of Pessada in the southern area of the island Kefalonia.
It has a private helipad, authorized by the Civil Aviation Authority and has been used in the past in urgent cases by the hospital.
Pessada is a beautiful, by-the sea village with views to Zakynthos island and the unique mount Ainos.

According to a rumor the village got named after the passing by sailors from Europe

Two beautiful beaches are near the farm, called “Ammos” and “Vrisi” and most of the habitants have been sailors and have travelled a lot. Pessada is characterized as a cosmopolitan village.
At Pessada’s Port where the ferry boat does the route between the island of Kefalonia and the island of Zante, there’s a scientific claim for the area, that  St Paul’s ship didn’t wrecked in Malta but in Pessada instead.
For this reason the locals built a temple in honor of St-Paul.
Pessada is one of the most beautiful villages in Kefalonia with magnificent beaches nearby and lots of pray, just 9 km from Argostoli and very close to the airport and it has lots of choices of accommodation and is one of the most popular destinations
in Kefalonia.
The owner is also  a supporter of free-hunting and has decades of experience in free-hunts and organized farms all over the world.
The standards of the farm are very high and equal to the European and American ones. Its one of the best farms in Greece and the whole Balkan peninsula in general.
The farm has been working continuously for the last 28 years, and literally thousands of  hunters from all over the world have visited the farm till today.
The farm is still an innovating business in hunting. Controlled hunting helps and develops the free-hunting which also needs to be protected with responsibility
Every hunter designs his own hunting schedule !