January 2018 Kefalonia Game Farm Updates

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Dear Kefalonia Game Farm friends,

We are happy to inform our friends that love hare hunting,

that we now offer dog – training specifically for hare hunting in a specially designed and protected area and we also provide the best opportunities for controlled environment practice.

The facilities are also available to train your dog for bird-hunting.

Hunting in Κefalonia Game Farm

For every hunter,

Give us a call at 6989466090 or contact us using our form  and get the following priviledges:

–> Your Personal hunting id pass allowing you to hunt anytime at Kefalonia Game Farm

–> 20% Discount on your pray

–> Use our facilities to train your dog for free

–> Precious Advice on dog training

–> Free coffee, soft-drings, cakes and fruits inside Κefalonia Game Farm’s club

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